Hadspen Race 25 November 2014

Well fulla’s we have had an anonymous local contact the club with a post race report, identifying him/herself as the ‘Hadspen Headmaster’ don’t know what this crackpot has been smoking, but seems to have a grip on what went on. Here is the email they sent through:

As entrants started forming, handicaps were given with plenty of warning.
Most got away on time, but one, while warm was late to the line.
As the starters voice signaled, ‘go forth and attack,’ the finish line crossed first said Jack, Jack, Jack!!!

If last weeks times were quick, this weeks times were even more slick.
Eight paddlers again, let new season best times rein. With the finish line spread, almost doing in the time keepers head.

With tactics and lines starting to be refined, tonight’s race flew for those whom were not carrying two.
Some chose to size up the competition, while others capsized when crossing for completion.

Cheers were heard from the galley as the returning paddlers begun to rally
The finish line in sight, participants used all their might.
Children leaping into action, and girlfriends multiplied their attraction.
For even man’s best friend, could see, it would be a battle to the end.
Paddlers crossed thick and fast, the river in view, there was the full cast.

As times and totals were calculated, paddlers self evaluated.
What to do next week, will surely be no place for the meek.
A last thought from the Hadspen Headmaster, next week’s times, will be even faster!

Some pretty crummy rhyming there from the old ‘headmaster’ so here is the translation.

The race tonight was Jacks and Jacks alone until the Nelson’s rounded out the podium places, all three doing a stellar job of it. When the rest of field did catch up it was very close with the bulk of the 12 strong field finishing within 2 minutes of each other. There was advise/sabotage on lines to take, team work/draughting, and a fairly spectacular finish by one paddler sporting a terrific moustache atm. Chongy’s high performance program (relaxing/lymbering pre race massage’s) continues to pay dividends, Claye broke through with a season best again, along with a raft of others doing the same, and Paul Walker decided he wanted an extra handicap by missing his start time by 1 minute due to a very thorough warm up. However he still managed to finish in the main pack, well done mate. Other mentionables were:
One season first paddle
(welcome back Ryan Nelson)
One equaliser
(Blake Miller)
Eight season best times
(Amanda Chong, Jack Bower, Peter Lee, James Casper, John McClausland, Phil Nelson, Claye Mace, and Paul Walker)
And no partridge in a pear tree!
Congratulations to those posting season best times and continuing to improve and well done to others whom base there race on consistency. Shout out to Sulla McClausland for assistance with finishing positions as the time keeper lost his way a bit in the flurry of fast finishes.

On another note the Christmas break up is approaching fast and is scheduled for the Tuesday the 16th of December, so lock it into the diaries now. There will be a modified race format and plenty of sizzle sticks, hamburgers, and drink to conclude all things paddling for 2014. See you there and see you next week!!!

Thanks to Larcs and the Headmaster for the above, results are below.


Further information and series results are here.

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