Photo by Jared Irwin
Photo by Jared Irwin

Canoe Polo is a great fun game, fast, fantastic and great for learning and practicing kayaking skills.

Two teams in short kayaks play on a swimming pool , which have a goal suspended at either end of the pool. The goals are 1m by 1.5m and suspended 2m from the water level. A ball is thrown (or flicked with the paddle), by the players with the object being to put the ball into the goal!! As often as possible.

Experience not required, learn as you play. Get some mates, work or school colleagues together. All equipment provided as part of game fees.

Tamar Canoe Club runs a number of Canoe Polo events over the course of the year, with the main event being the Autumn/Winter Roster. We will also be hosting pick up events over the summer period so keep an eye out here for those.

Making sense of THE RULES

For those interested, hopefully that’s everyone that plays polo. This might help with learning the rules and help overcome some confusion with the newer rules.  Please take the time to check out the rules, the referee training has really good practical examples of the rules. It very well done and is quite clear to understand.

ICF Canoe Polo Referee Training – Scroll down to Canoe Polo Refereeing Section

This option has excellent practical examples to see how the game flows and fouls are seen and interpreted. Sections 6 – 11 are the rules for playing with other sections covering competitions and scrutineering.

Full ICF Canoe Polo Rules and Regulations (pdf)

Referee Signals

Idiots guide to Canoe Polo Rules (courtesy of Clapham Canoe Club – UK) The goal restart here is not current refer to the actual rules for goal restarts.