Hydro Tasmania Cataract Gorge Extreme Race

The Hydro Tasmania Cataract Gorge Extreme Race is a white water kayak race held on ‘Slalom Rapid’ – the final rapid in Cataract Gorge. The event has been run annually since 2018, typically in late January and coinciding with Tasmanian Paddle Week.

The race is run by the Tamar Canoe Club and sponsored by Hydro Tasmania who also provide a water release from Trevally Dam which makes the event possible.

The race is run in knockout format with heats of 4 kayakers. The first 2 kayakers in each heat progress to the next round. In 2021 the format changed, with individual time trials replacing a final heat.

Previous winners:

2018 1st: Dan Hall, 2nd: Matt Smith, 3rd: Louis Vincent, 4th: Clifford Roche

2019 1st: Tim Coward, 2nd: Craig Chivers, 3rd: Alex Lewis, 4th: Kieren Black

2020 1st: Dan Hall, 2nd: Blake Miller, 3rd: Kieren Black, 4th: Scotty Hall

2021 Equal 1st: Dan Watkins & Hamish Dalziel, 2nd: Dan Hall, 3rd: Blake Miller

Race entry is through Paddle Australia’s Go Membership system, and is advertised widely on kayaking facebook groups in the weeks leading up the the race. The race is for experienced Class 4 kayakers only.

Enquiries: tamar@paddle.org.au