June Under 3 Trip Report

Where:  North Esk – Corra Linn Picnic Ground to St Leonards

When:  Sunday June 1st 2014

Number of participants:  14 (including leaders)

Grade: 1/2

Those not put off by the forecast showers were rewarded with very pleasant weather.  Not a drop of rain from 10 o’clock onwards.

The water level was reasonable at 1.4 m on the BOM gauge.  We even shot the rock weir at the end of the trip.

Two youngsters took an Incept down.  Those in creek boats practiced their ferry glides, cutting in and out of eddies and/or some surfing.  No capsizes and lots of smiles at the end.

A few new faces to the Club:  Callum, Emma and Geoff.  (Geoff gets the commitment award.  He lives in Wynyard and left home at 7 this morning.)

We were on the water for about 2 hrs.

John McC will post some photo’s on the Facebook site.

Thanks to Claye, Jonathan and Dave C for being the rostered leaders on the day.  Thanks to Jonathan, Jack, Ryan and David K for scouting the river last weekend and making it an Under 3 option.  Congratulations to the under Grade 1 paddlers for paddling out of your comfort zones .

Another successful Under 3 Trip!

Next Under 3 Trip:  The weekend of 5th and 6th July, water permitting (first weekend of school hols).  .
Look for notices on Paddle-Flash and Facebook, on the evening of Thurs 3rd July.



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