Meeting Minutes November 2011

Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 1 November 2011

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250

1.         Open Executive Meeting:

The meeting was opened at 8:30 pm.


2.         Attendance:

John McCausland, Pete Sebbage, Gavin Bye, Jonathan Knox, Simon Barnes, Claye Mace, Gavin Bye


3.         Apologies:



4.         General Business:

  1.  Payment received from Derby River Derby of $300. Jonathan Knox, Claye Mace, Larks, Peter Lee and Phil Barratt attended.  Financial members who took their cars will receive $40 as petrol money.
  2. Agreed to hire canoe polo boats to Tasmanian Canoe Club. A list of equipment and conditions will be made prior to the boats being collected.
  3. Pete Sebbage has arranged to get a copy of the Hawkins video for the next meeting.

5.         Close Club Executive Meeting:

The Executive Meeting was closed at 8:55 pm.


6.         Time and Location of next Executive and General Meeting:


Next social meeting – first Tuesday in February at 8:00 pm.  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub


Next Executive Meeting – first Tuesday in December at 7:30 pm (Executive), 8:00 pm (General).  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub

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