Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race 6 March 2018

Hadspen race finish 6/03/2018

The final handicap race of the season was a ripper night with some good fun racing on the water. Chris Schulz got over the line first with a 1 minute PB, Beth followed around 40 seconds in front of her best with James Caspar 20 seconds faster followed by Phil Barratt further lowering the season best time by 7 seconds. Phil Wadley just missed his PB (3 seconds) followed by Geoff. There were a few paddlers doing some weeding on the course but generally a good night for paddling. Race times are below.

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position
Chris Schulz 14:07 59:09 45:02 1
Beth Wadley 13:13 59:34 46:21 2
James Caspar 20:23 59:49 39:26 3
Phil Barratt 26:12 60:03 33:51 4
Phil Wadley 28:38 60:12 31:34^ 5
Geoff MacQueen 26:03 60:21 34:18 6
Chris Bates 24:40 60:37 35:57 7
Michael Peters 26:00 61:21 35:21 8
Claye Mace 21:48 61:47 39:59 9
Richard Pearson 27:30 71:43 44:13 10
Amanda Chong 8:53 73:02 64:09 11


The final week is now upon us with Tuesday 13th being the end of season BBQ, we will have a mass start 4km race, at 6:35pm, followed by trophy presentation, Paddle ‘n’ Ski prize draw and BBQ fun. Make sure you get along for the last week, if you haven’t been a regular let me know you are coming by Saturday 1-th to make sure I have enough food.

Paid up Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen racers have their BBQ covered by race fees, others are welcome to join in at $10 a head provided they let me know by Saturday the 10th.

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