Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race 28 November 2017

A beautiful night for a race, light winds and low flows made for another quick night. In the handicap race Geoff had a good race going away with the win and knocking a minute off his best time, the minor placings came in a rush with Mark edging Paul out closely followed by Michael and myself with PB’s in the 30 second range. Its always good to be part of a close finish. Following that group still quite close was James Caspar narrowly ahead of Jo, both PB’s; then James Down edged out Richard who is enjoying being able to paddle with some rabbits in sight knocking big numbers off his PB. Ken, Phil, Amanda and Pete were marginally off there best pace but enjoyed the paddle nonetheless.

The race times are all below, I have calculated a 6.5km handicap time for those who have paddled the 3.9km course to allow you to step up when you feel like it.

Massive thanks to Paul Kelly for coming out solely to time and look after Barney, it was great to get a race in.

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position Handicap
Geoff MacQueen 22:46 59:08 36:22 1 23:49
Mark Rathmell 25:06 59:45 34:39 2 25:31
Paul Walker 24:40 59:46 35:06 3 25:05
Michael Peters 25:36 59:49 34:13 4 25:57
Adam Rolls 21:39 59:52 38:13 5 21:58
James Caspar 19:47 60:01 40:14 6 19:58
Jozina MacQueen 29:53 60:01 30:08 7 30:01/11:17
James Down 22:42 60:12 37:30 8 22:42
Richard Pearson 23:56 60:13 36:17 9 23:54
Ken Mclean 23:56 60:26 36:30 10 23:56
Phil Barratt 25:17 60:37 35:20 11 25:17
Amanda Chong 27:20 60:41 33:21 12 27:20/5:16
Pete Sebbage 17:34 61:04 43:30 13 17:34


Guntime for next week will be at 6:30pm. If you miss your start time you can still race, have your time recorded and score points. New paddlers will be able to set their handicap time. If you are starting more than 20 minutes after your handicap you may be asked to race a shorter course to ensure on water safety.

The end of year BBQ will be on after the race on 19th December, we will race the 4km course and then enjoy the BBQ. Paid up paddlers will have there BBQ provided.

Check the main Hadspen page for more details.

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