North Esk Danger Warning 24 March 2016

Hi whitewater paddlers

I haven’t noticed it before but after the last trip on the weekend it appears that a large rock slab has shifted on 1st drop. Directly at the top of the drop, the rock that formed the top ledge of the drop has been rotated 90degrees and now sits end-on to the current, slightly off the thru-the-middle line.

*** It has real potential to either injure or pin/wrap a paddler & boat ***

Take a good look at drop BEFORE you paddle it – don’t do it blind! Or better, maybe portage the drop.

Safe paddling.

Claye Mace


Thanks Claye for sending that through, if you notice anything changing on our rivers that could catch someone out let us know so we can try and get the message out. The best time to see a hazard is from the shore so take you time and have a good look if you haven’t paddled the river in a while.

Adam Rolls


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