May Under 3 Trip Report

Where: Macquarie River – Woolmers to Longford

When: Sunday May 3rd 2015

Number of participants: 11 (including leaders)

Grade: 1

Yet another good weather day for our Under 3 Trip.

The plan was for an easy river trip from Woolmers and then to play on the Longford wave. Hydro put on the water as requested. Thanks Hydro. However I misjudged the when, and the water did not arrive until later. (I now know it takes 20 to 30 hrs for the water to get from Hydro’s Reregulation Dam to Longford.)

The trip down the Macquarie was very gentle. There were a few opportunities for beginners to get the feel of cutting in and out of eddies, with little risk of capsize.

It was Eve’s first time in a creek boat. Perseverance paid off. She looked quite comfortable by the end. She expects to be back for more.

Welcome to Jen, a new TCC member (but by no means a new paddler).

The après kayak chocolate brownies were very popular. 11 consumed by 11 participants. Next trip I will enhance the menu to include sourdough bread with the soup and Milo for those with a sweet tooth.

Thanks to Damian for being the rostered leader on the day and to Jason for his support.

Next Under 3 Trip: The weekend of 6th and 7th June.
Look for notices on Paddle-Flash and Facebook, on the evening of Thurs 4th Jun.



Under 3 Trip Coordinator
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