Hadspen Race 24 March 2015

The final Hadspen race has been run and won on a beautiful night of the South Esk.

Following the tradition of doing something different for the final race of the season a nominated time event was scheduled over a the middle distance course of around 3.9 km. Before the race there was talk of the course being longer than advertised, which may have influenced some peoples target times.

The closest to their mark was Michael, who seems to have a reasonable idea of what he can paddle. Paul Walker and Peter who have been paddling the river for years were next, with Mark also being close to his mark. Claye and Richard were reasonably close while still being faster than expected. I underestimated how good the trophy paddle was and missed my mark by a long way. Amanda was given a bum steer, while Jack was a lot better than he expected.

Results are below, thanks to Paul Kelly for timing.

24-March-2015Full series results and race information available here.

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