Gorge Festival of Canoe Polo

Thanks to all who came along and played a game on Sunday 9th February. It was a great day that will hopefully lead to more Canoe Polo being played over the summer period in this part of the state.

We had 30 people play over the course of the day, with 8 newcomers (thanks to those who brought a friend), with smiles all around. There was plenty of coverage in the Examiner, a photo gallery (Link to Gallery) and an almost full page spread in the print edition on Monday 10th February.

Special thanks go to Larcs, John McClausland, Phil Barratt, Simon Barnes and Paul Kelly for helping set up in the morning, everyone who helped out by jumping in a raft and being water safety or umpired, those who spoke to the general public and to everyone who helped carry some gear out at the end of the day.

Thanks to Paul Shipp for the BBQ at the end of the day and to whoever organised for the storm to stay away until after the BBQ.


Adam Rolls

Photo by Ryan Bailey

Examiner Story