What is TCC Paddle Flash

TCC Paddle Flash is the clubs new ‘web group’ that has been established as an email news service to club members. If you join this group, you can choose to go and view messages on the Flash board via the Web, or get the messages delivered to your own email address.

Paddle Flash before you paddle

Yes, before going paddling, send an email to TCC-Paddle-Flash@googlegroups.com so that other members have an opportunity to participate.

How to Join

Click the following link to initiate the joining process.  As part of this process you’ll need to create a new google groups account so you can join the group.



Audience:  The TCC would like the service to be useable by all members regardless of age.  However, moderation of content would reduce the immediacy of the solution.  We therefore request that all messages posted be ‘rated G’.  The TCC executive reserve the right to ban subscribers to the service at their discretion.

Parents:  This email service will sometimes receive SPAM or other email that may have offensive content. Unfortunately there is nothing the TCC can do to proactively stop this without reducing the effectiveness of the service.

Replies:  When replying to a message that has been sent to TCC Paddle Flash it will reply to the entire TCC Paddle Flash member list not just the person who sent the original message.  When you send a message to TCC Paddle Flash, your email address is removed as the sender and is replaced with TCC Paddle Flash as the sender.  The system does this intentionally to allow members to keep their email address private if they so desire.  For this reason, take care when replying – if you only want the individual then use the link within the message and not your email program’s reply button.  You need to respect that not all subscribers want to have huge volumes of junky email when they occasionally dial-up as this can take a long time over a slow link.

Publicly Viewable messages: The TCC Paddle Flash community is currently set to be a public community.  Any email sent to TCC Paddle Flash will automatically be on a bulletin board (called the Paddle Flash Board) that is viewable by anyone with a web browser regardless of whether the person has joined the community. You should consider this when posting items.

Membership: Membership is not restricted in anyway anyone interested can join.

TCC Paddle Flash

TCC Paddle Flash Feed

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