Skills Instruction/Training

Pool Training

One of the best introductions to paddling is in the warmth and safety of an indoor swimming pool. The club hold training/practice sessions, usually over the winter months, at Launceston Aquatic pool. Session dates are published on the TCC-Paddle-Flash. Many of the clubs expert paddlers attend to refine their skills and to assist newcomers.

 Pool training sessions:

Run simultaneously with the Canoe Polo roster in the shallow end of the main pool.

Typically held Wednesday nights 7-9pm for the non-daylight savings months (excluding school holidays).

These nights are for general club use for members to practice basic skills and rolling etc.  So if you would like extra practice/tuition on paddling skills and rolling then these nights will be useful.  Note the canoe polo kayaks will not be available on these nights, if planning to attend you will need to organise your own gear (can be borrowed from the club or other members).  A small fee is charged for pool training.  For more information see John McCausland, Claye Mace, Dave Chiam or Adrian Cooper.  If there is demand for more specific canoe polo skills then we may be able to make some alternative arrangements, again just have a chat to one of those mentioned above.

Basic Skills Instruction