Paddle n Ski Hadspen Race 20 December 2022

Photo by Donelda Niles

The break up race was again on us and some fantastic racing was had and a great time to catch up and relax followed after the race. Geoff was the race winner.

Thanks to Geoff for organising the BBQ and to all those who brought along a salad and those who helped with coooking and race timing.

Paddler Time Position
Geoff MacQueen 19:33 1
Phil Barratt 19:59 2
Chris Bates 20:39 3
Ken McLean 22:19 4
Phil Nelson 22:37 5
Adam Rolls 23:01 6
Claye Mace 23:17 7
John MacCausland 23:40 8
Finn Girling 23:41 9
Sabrina Sonda 24:07 10
Peter Girling 24:11 11
Jethro Bates 27:12 12
Nathalie Barratt 27:42 13
Toby Rundall 30:52 14
Grahame Foster 31:21 15
Isaac Johnson 32:25* 16
James Caspar 38:14* 17


We will now break for chrsitmas and new year with racing to return on 10th January 2023. Hope you can get on the water over the break.

Please register for the race here: Paddle Australia If our event doesn’t come up, please search by location for Hadspen to find our event; or after logging in to the ‘Just Go’ website come back and click the link again.

Check the main Hadspen page for more details.

See you Tuesday night.

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