Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race Series 18 February 2020

A cool night on the water but a quick one with barely any wind and a nice water level. Jo made good speed around the course knocking about a minute off her PB and coming in first. Phil led a group over the line with April, Geoff and Liz all managing to get their season best times. Tim just missed out on his best time, with the remaining paddlers also missing out.

The end of year BBQ including presentation for points winner and prize draw from our great sponsors, Paddle ‘n’ Ski and Stellar Kayaks Australia, will be held on Tuesday March 17th.

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position
Jo MacQueen 29:23 59:16 29:53* 1
Phil Nelson 24:50 59:43 34:53 2
April Nelson 6:16 59:50 53:34 3
Geoff MacQueen 24:34 59:53 35:19 4
Liz Hickman 23:17 59:59 36:42* 5
Tim Warren 28:22 60:24 32:02 6
Ken McLean 24:20 60:46 36:26 7
James Caspar 21:27 61:06 39:39 8
Claye Mace 22:08 61:57 39:49 9
Richard Pearson 26:53 64:00 37:07 10
Amanda Chong 19:05 51:56 32:51 11


Guntime for next week will be at 6:30 pm, (for those new to handicap racing your start time is you handicap after 6:30 pm, ie 13:50 handicap starts at 6:43:50) to be safe be ready to race at 6:40 pm. If you miss your start time you can still race, have your time recorded and score points. New paddlers will be able to set their handicap time. If you are starting more than 20 minutes after your handicap you may be asked to race a shorter course to ensure on water safety.

Check the main Hadspen page for more details.

See you all on Tuesday

Timesheet 25-2-2020

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