Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race 12 January 2016

The first Hadspen race for the year has been run in great conditions with just a whisper of a cloud in the sky and a slight headwind for the return journey. The water level was up and flowing reasonably well, while a downed tree at the first willows made things a bit more interesting. Kamaia was first across the line knocking over 3 and a half minutes off her time, resistance training in a spec ski before switching over to an ocean ski worked wonders. Phil was next across knocking a second off his best, followed by Colin and Bill who were close to their best. A special mention to Tim who knocked 7 seconds off his best but due to a handicapping error came home in the back of the field. Welcome back to Blake who ducked across after an earlier training session and showed that he can still paddle with a bit of speed. Thanks to Geoff and Amanda for timing, it is much appreciated. Results are below.

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position Next Handicap
Kamaia Nelson 13:40 58:02 44:22 1 17:17
Phil Nelson 25:28 61:19 35:51 2 25:45
Colin Locke 24:37 61:26 36:49 3 25:06
Bill Williams 5:37 61:27 55:50 4 6:51
April Nelson 13:36 61:52 48:16 5 15:44
Alex Robinson 26:48 62:35 35:47 6 26:48
Paul Walker 29:01 62:40 33:39 7 29:01
Jozina Macqueen GO 63:19 53:00 8 10:19
Adam Rolls 24:33 63:21 38:48 9 24:33
Tim Chilcott 29:50 64:49 34:59 10 26:37
Mark Rathmell 29:18 66:28 37:10 11 29:18
Blake Miller 32:00 63:07 31:07 NA 30:28

Check the link below for your handicap for next week, gun time will again be 6:30pm. If you miss your start time you can still race, have your time recorded and score points. New paddlers will be able to set their handicap time.

Check the main Hadspen page for more details.

See you all next week.

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