Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race 24 November 2015

Eleven intrepid paddlers set out on the long course with a howling tailwind that I’m sure put some serious dents in the Strava segment leg from the start to the turn point…. Colin Locke was salivating at his Strava prospects by the looks, and Phil Barrett mentioned something about a sail.
We welcomed Ryan and Kamaia Nelson for their first race this season, both completing their TT by starting close in handicap time to parents Phil and April giving them someone to race with and guide them through the course – the Stellar family were certainly out in force tonight!,
Another newcomer in Ben Verbeeten joined us, welcome Ben, paddling a loaner boat in less than ideal conditions. After a late arrival and some boat adjustment Ben completed a short course TT to get a look around the first part of the course for a future race, hopefully when it is a little less windy.
Handicapping from the previous weeks must have been well calculated (thanks Rollsy), as the timekeeper struggled to keep a track of all the finishers with lots happening at once and some late & fast finishers charging through the field right on the finish line.
Bill Williams paddled strongly on the last run home into the teeth of the wind to take tonight’s win, just managing to hold out by mere seconds Ken McLean who put on a mighty effort coming home, and who in turn was very close to being chased down by a super slippery Phil Barrett – looking smooth and returning to top form. Fortunately Phil didn’t lodge a protest due to the failings of the timekeeper who set him off a few seconds late whilst directing another paddler getting in… Sorry Phil! (Times corrected in results).
Phil Nelson, Colin Locke and Claye Mace traded blows and came in 5th, 6th and 7th, shortly after followed by a solid paddle again from April who suggested she very much enjoyed the windward journey home for some resistance training.
A flurry of activity soon followed, with the final four paddlers crossing the line together almost within a single boat length. Newcomer Kamaia paddled well and a look over the shoulder near the line cruising meant she was almost overtaken by a fast finishing Ryan with a late charge, who by the thickness of the paint on this boat edged out the blue rocket of Paul Walker. Paul had thundered down the home straight and overtook Richard Pearson with his final stroke as well, right on the line.
Very exciting racing and super efforts by all paddlers.
PB’s from Bill, Ken and Phil Barratt great job guys.
See you there same time next week!

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position New Handicap
Bill Williams GO 56:57 56:57 1 4:46
Ken McLean 19:40 57:00 37:20 2 24:17
Phil Barratt 22:33 57:04 34:31 3 27:05
Phil Nelson 21:10 57:19 36:09 4 25:28
Colin Locke 19:57 57:32 37:35 5 24:16
Claye Mace 19:21 57:53 38:32 6 23:40
April Nelson 9:17 58:06 48:49 7 13:36
Paul Walker 24:43 58:20 33:37 8 29:01
Richard Pearson 20:25 58:21 37:56 9 24:44
Kamaia Nelson 10:17 58:17 48:00 NA 13:40
Ryan Nelson 21:10 59:19 38:09 NA 27:05
Ben Verbeeten (1 km) 41:00 51:30 10:30 NA 1:20
Adam Rolls 24:33
Alex Robinson 26:48
Amanda Chong GO
Andrew Howell 26:37
Dane’ & Adam 12:30
Dave Allan 17:19
Dylan Craw 25:39
Geoff Macqueen 24:01
Jack Bower 14:36
James Caspar 18:07
James Down 25:04
Jozina Macqueen 10:19
Mark Rathmell 29:18
Michael Peters 26:41
Tim Chilcott 29:50
Tom Mountney 34:24


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