Paddle ‘n’ Ski Hadspen Race 17 November 2015

By Mark Rathmell

A beautiful day turned into a great night to get out on the water with clear skies and only a light breeze to contend with. After not having a boat available last week April returned and knocked 2:30 off her PB, in a great paddle; while Jozina continued her run of improvement knocking 90 seconds off the PB. Geoff and Bill, both regular improvers continued their good runs knocking around 85 and 60 seconds off their PB’s, I was next over the line finally getting some improvement of around 50 seconds. Paul and Andrew were next over the line, Paul showing heaps of speed and Andrew doing his best to hold onto the back of Paul on the home straight. Richard made good use of making it onto the water almost on time, giving himself some rabbits to chase he managed to knock almost 40 seconds off his best. The rest were a bit down on their best times but had an enjoyable paddle, except for Alex who had some trouble at the turn around after looking pretty good on the way up the river.

Thanks to Mark Rathmell for timing (and being race photographer) this week it is much appreciated. Results from this week are below.

Paddler Handicap Gun Time Actual Time Position New Handicap
April Nelson 11:05 59:09 48:04 1 9:17
Jozina Macqueen 8:42 60:04 51:22 2 6:00
Geoff Macqueen 22:42 60:18 37:36 3 19:42
Bill Williams 3:18 60:42 57:24 4 GO
Adam Rolls 23:44 60:48 37:04 5 20:14
Paul Walker 28:16 60:50 32:34 6 24:43
Andrew Howell 25:57 60:56 34:59 7 22:18
Phil Nelson 25:28 61:41 36:13 8 21:10
Phil Barratt 26:41 61:50 35:09 9 22:22
Richard Pearson 25:03 61:56 36:53 10 20:25
Claye Mace 23:40 61:57 38:17 11 19:21
Dave Allan 17:19 62:33 45:14 12 13:00
Alex Robinson 26:48 67:07 40:19 13 22:29
Amanda Chong NA
Colin Locke 19:57
Dane’ & Adam 8:12
Dylan Craw 21:21
Jack Bower 10:17
James Caspar 13:48
James Down 20:46
Ken McLean 19:40
Mark Rathmell 24:59
Michael Peters 22:22
Tim Chilcott 22:11
Tom Mountney 27:14

Check above for your handicap for next week, gun time will again be 6:30pm. If you miss your start time you can still race, have your time recorded and score points. New paddlers will be able to set their handicap time. Old paddlers your handicap is about three minutes lighter for the next couple of weeks due to a known absence of the frontmarker.

Check the main Hadspen page for more details.

See you all next week.

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