Canoe Polo Autumn 2015

Photo by Jared Irwin

We are starting up again Wednesday 22nd of April,  from 7pm, at Launceston Aquatic Centre. On this first night we will play an impromptu serious of games. Once we know who intends playing for the season we’ll put together a roster which will begin the following week.

 We will play an 11 week Autumn roster running through to the schools holidays in July followed by a 10 week Spring roster following the July holidays.

 The costs will stay the same despite the pool hire costs going up. Adults will be $120 per season discounted to $100 if paid in the first 2 weeks of the season. Juniors (under 18) will be $85 per season discounted to $70 if paid in the first 2 weeks. Club membership remains $50 per financial year, $30 for juniors.

 As in the past, a full range of gear is provided for those who don’t have their own. The club has purchased a heap of new gear to replace some of the older stuff which is getting a bit worn.  We are charging a hire fee of $20 for anyone who would like to use any of the club gear. This goes towards the ongoing replacement of our equipment and represents a great deal.

Teams, Roster and Ladder available here.


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