April Under 3 Trip Report

Where: Hadspen Rapid

When: Sunday April 12th 2015

Number of participants: 16 (including leaders)

Grade: 1/2

A fantastic start to the formal Under 3 season. The river was at a good level (0.4 to 0.43 at Longford a few hours earlier) and the sky was blue.

We split into three groups. Phil and Jason took the less experienced adults upstream for some paddling instruction. David H and his sons, Sam and Will, warmed up above the rapid before padding down and playing in the eddies below it. The rest of the Grade 2+ paddlers played on the rapid, with Luke giving pointers to anyone that was interested.

This was a great opportunity to develop skills for all Under 3 paddlers. I did my first successful reverse ferry glides and my first supports in the small stopper. While playing on the wave I even found myself surfing backwards, oh s**t. David K set up a miniature slalom course that a few of us practiced on. The Hugo boys were looking quite confident even though this was their first time playing in and out of eddies.

A new member to the Club: Geoff MacQ.

Thanks to Phil B for being the rostered leader on the day. Thanks to Phil, Jason and Luke for sharing your knowledge and helping us improve our technique.

Next Under 3 Trip: The weekend of 2nd and 3rd May.
I will be bringing some hot coffee, tea and choc brownies for apr├Ęs kayak, so bring some gold coins to cover costs.

Look for notices on Paddle-Flash and Facebook, on the evening of Thurs 30th April.




Under 3 Trip Coordinator
0411 862 748

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