Hadspen Race February 3 March 2015

A decent water level reducing the effect of weed was tempered by a tough return trip into the wind making everyone earn there time.

I was first across the line this week after having to put a big effort in to catch Yann who knocked 2 minutes of his time to record a really good effort, look out Phil. Next across the line was newcomer Ken Mclean with a reasonable time getting a feel for the course. Mike Hanemaayer put in a big effort but just fell short of an overall season best time, he did however knock 14 seconds off his best. Simon Perraton returned to the races with a solid time. Michael Peters knocked about 10 seconds off his best, while Mark Rathmell knocked 3 seconds off his best.

Following across the line were Blake, Paul Kelly, Jack, Peter, Paul Walker and Claye. Good effort out there guys.

Welcome to Ken and Simon.

Thanks to Phil Barratt for timing, race results are below.


Full series results and race information is available here.


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