Hadspen Race 9 December 2014

Well, well, well!………….. there was plenty of water on hand last night! Paddlers resolve being tested in unseasonal conditions. The rain, timing its entrance perfectly as everyone arrived and started to kit up, down it came! This led the male contingent to have a sudden rush of chivalry and adhering to the policy of, ‘ladies before gentleman’  insisting that Chongy (our only female paddler for the night) should have the pleasure of getting away first.

So as gentry do, jackets were quickly fetched and availed to counter any puddles that Miss Chong encountered, assistance in negotiating the steep and now slippery bank was given, and the delivery of her craft and paddle to waters edge was swift and without effort……………………../all the blokes cowered in their cars and under shelter granted by the BBQ. Instead debating the merits of paddling in such conditions, the temperature, and just how mad would Chongy really be if they were to drive off and leave her at Thor’s mercy.

With the question of masculinity being posed Jack lead from the front, broad shouldered and a noted beard wearer, he was the obvious choice to lead the way for the men, and in very trying conditions all paddlers made it to the starters line. A move that paid dividends for most with the conditions once on water reported as being “a very flat track”, enabling seven to achieve a new season best. Those who missed out were within 10 seconds as well.

Jack’s early move proved not only motivating, but cunning and his improvement continued leading the field to take the ribbon. Paul Kelly followed enjoying his new ride, and Phil Nelson whose commitment to drive from Devonport to race in the rain saw a worthy completion for third place, and rounding out a Stellar trifecta.

Also returning to Hadspen was and only just sneaking in, was a paddler once known as the Stripy Trumpeter, these days putting a little more ‘thought’ into his paddling, welcome back Brent. Within 10 seconds of his nominated time, well done.

Hats should be tipped to all those braving the conditions for this year’s final official race and all paddlers should be happy with the gains and improvements seen this side of  Christmas. Next week is our end of year BBQ and drinks to be held at the Lion’s park in Hadspen (the same venue the races are conducted from) all club members and their families are welcome.

The last piece of housekeeping is racing post Christmas/New years is to commence on Tuesday 13th January 2015. There will undoubtedly be those keen have a paddle on the prior Tuesday, just note timing will not be provided on this night.

Thanks to Larcs for the race report and standing out in the rain to time, results are below.

Hadspen 9-December-2014

Full series results and race information here.

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