Hadspen Race 28 October 2014

The Hadspen race’s time trial has been completed with 5 brave paddlers facing off against cold winds and lowish water levels. Temperatures of 10 degrees and wind gusting up to 30 knots made for a very different race, with some white capped waves heading up river and the occasional run being caught on the first leg. The shallow section approaching the turn around seemed harder than normal with slightly lower water making it easy to be pushed out into the middle of the river with the current. After the turn a lowish water level of 0.58m at Longford weir (and dropping) took away a lot of the extra speed for the down river sprint. The final 500 metres was a hard slog into the wind with all paddlers looking suitably frozen by the end.

The all important times:

Phil Nelson            38:07

Claye Mace            39:17

Richard Pearson   39:52

Adam Rolls            40:29

James Caspar       42:41

Thanks to Paul Kelly, Larcs, Paul Walker and Orla for the support from the sidelines

Next Tuesday 4th November will be the start of the Handicap Series. If you have paddled with us before Paul will sort you out a Handicap, if you haven’t you can either nominate a time (being stingy is encouraged) or do a time trial first up.

More info available here

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