August Under 3 Trip Report

Where:  Mersey R – Kellys Cage Rd (Rogers Bridge) to Dynans Bridge

When:  Saturday Aug 2nd 2014

Number of participants:  4 (including leaders)

Grade: Up to Grade 2

The wild weather and heavy rain during the previous week meant the planned run down the Ben Lomond Descent course would have been unsafe and not much fun.  With all rivers high, the best option was the lower Mersey.  By Friday arvo it had dropped back to almost 2m at Kimberly.  The level was expected to be around 1.5m by Sat.  A little washed out but otherwise a good option for an Under 3 Trip.

With lots of people having other commitments, there were just 4 of us.  Luke and Larcs made their first descent of this section of river.  Jack gave us the intel on the best channels to use.

This trip is in (another) beautiful part of our state.  The drive in through Weegena gives magnificent views of the Gog Range and Mount Rowland with snow-capped Tiers in the background.  Between these bridges, the Mersey snakes through forest, gorges and farmland.  River features include shingle rapids, rock gardens, shutes and wave trains.  (I’m practicing my travelogue spiel.)

The level turned out to be 1.7m (at Kimberley) at 7am on Sat morning.  This is the highest I have done it.  Some features had disappeared but others came into play.

The level was falling at about 0.5m per day.  So Jack and I decided to come back the next day.  James, Simon and Orion joined us, but that’s another story…

Jack’s advice is that 0.85 to 1m at Kimberley is the best level for this section of river.  Lots of features and just enough water to get over the shallow stuff.

Thanks Luke for being the rostered leader.

If we can put a fun Under 3 Trip on safety, on the appointed day, we will.

Next Under 3 Trip:  The weekend of 6th and 7th Sept.
Look for notices on Paddle-Flash and Facebook, on the evening of Thurs 4th Sept.

Ad Hoc Grade 2 Trips:  With water levels up more frequently now, keep an eye out for announcements of ad hoc Grade 2 trips on the Meander (below Meander), the lower Mersey and the Ringarooma.
Unless stated otherwise, these are peer activities, so are not suitable for those without previous experience and a level of comfort on Grade 1+ rivers.



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