Meeting Minutes March 2012

Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 6 March 2012

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250

1.         Open General Meeting:

The meeting was opened at 8:05 pm.


2.         Attendance:

John McCausland, Simon Barnes, Paul Shipp, Gavin Bye, Claye Mace, Pete Sebbage, DJ, Adam Dickinson


3.         Apologies:


4.         Canoe Polo:

Agreed to purchase two Cyclone brand boats plus PFDs and paddles.  John McCausland to organise order from Kayaks Plus.

Some extra shafts will also be bought to repair paddles.  A gear check will be done before doing the order for new boats to work out requirements for PFDs etc.


5.         Beginner Trip Roster:

John McCausland has done a beginner trip roster.


6.         Facebook Page:

A Facebook page will be set up with Adam and Shippy as Administrators.


7.         Play Wave:

The Club agreed to fund any reasonable costs for planning application and also to fund North Esk and Perth wave mods once approval is granted (approx. $3 000).


Ongoing support for bigger picture developments if and when they are off the ground.


8.         Time and Location of next Executive and General Meeting:


Next Executive meeting – first Tuesday in April at 7:30 pm (Executive), 8:00 pm (General).  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub


Next General Meeting – first Tuesday in May at 8:00 pm.  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub

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