Meeting Minutes February 2012

Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 7 February 2012

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250

1.         Open Executive Meeting:

The meeting was opened at 7:35 pm.


2.         Attendance:

John McCausland, Pete Sebbage, Jonathan Knox, Simon Barnes, Claye Mace,


3.         Apologies:

Gavin Bye


4.         Minutes of last meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and, with an amendment to the Bosun’s Report, were confirmed as being a true and accurate record of that meeting.

Moved:              Peter Sebbage

Seconded:        Claye Mace


5.         Business arising from previous minutes:




6.         Correspondence In:

  1. Dept of Sport & Rec Tas – didn’t get grant for polo bats & equipment
  2. Dept of Sport & Rec Tas – request for inventory update
  3. Forestry Tasmania – Ben Lomond Descent contract
  4. Meander Valley Council – Hadspen Reserve, temporary toilets until March, may or may not rebuild toilet block.
  5. Wil Bamford (TasCC) – NW polo has finished and gear is ready to return


7.         Correspondence Out:

  1. Meander Valley Council – request replacement of toilet block at Hadspen Reserve and improved access to river
  2. Forestry Tasmania – letter and invoice Re: BLD
  3. Wil Bamford – drop polo gear off to the pool


8.         Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Moved:              Simon Barnes

Seconded:        John McCausland


9.         Bosun/Hire Report:

Gear is being used regularly for club activities, which is good

Canoe polo gear ready to be returned, will need to meet TasCC at pool.

Trailer and hired by NZ WW team for Nationals.  Returned with $50.


10.      Canoe Polo Report:

Gear ready to return from TasCC

Coops will be away most of first season, need a polo committee.


11.      General Business:

  1. Go ahead with polo gear purchase as detailed in grant application.

Moved:                Claye Mace

Seconded:         Simon Barnes

Vote:                    Unanimous

  1. Canoe Polo committee, to be formed at the general meeting. Polo Charges – refer to polo committee
  2. Ben Lomond Descent Committee. We need one, postpone forming one until next meeting.
  3. Beginners Trips. Will happen monthly on the weekend following the club meeting (as per last year) JMc to organise roster

12.      Close Club Executive Meeting:

The Executive Meeting was closed at 8:09 pm.


13.      Time and Location of next Executive and General Meeting:


Next social meeting – first Tuesday in March at 8:00 pm.  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub


Next Executive Meeting – first Tuesday in April at 7:30 pm (Executive), 8:00 pm (General).  Venue – Cock & Bull Pub

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