Derby River Derby 2009

This year’s Derby River Derby was one of the best organised yet, though still room for improvements.

I would like to thank Paul Shipp, Peter Lee, Phil Barratt, Adrian Clark and Dave Hugo for their time and assistance with assuring a safer race day for the punters. It is a great way for the club to show support of local events. We would like to think that organisations around Northern Tas will support the World Cup Kayak and Extreme Kayak races likewise. For all those who had better things to do, it’s your turn next year!

It was great to see the majority wearing helmets, PDFs, footwear, and in the majority of cases appropriate warm clothing. The marking of exit points on the river’s edge was much appreciated as we directed a few cold and scared punters to get out on these tracks. Organisers’ work on removing trees, logs and other obstacles from the river made things significantly safer. Alcohol consumption by the racers is always a tricky one to police, but really didn’t present many dramas this year.

A possible suggestion would be to add an extra exit track almost immediately after the highway bridge on the river left hand side. There have been quite a number of people over the years who have had enough or had their equipment/craft fail on the rapid under the bridge and need to get out. However there is no easy exit for quite a distance from the bridge and the SES guys can’t get along the banks either to assist. The organisers usually make a donation to the club for our assistance. Hope to see you again at the bigger and better Derby River Derby next year!

Claye Mace

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