AGM 2009

AGM Meeting Minutes

P.O. Box 266 Launceston 7250



Meeting Opened 8:30 pm



John McCausland, Gavin Bye, Claye Mace, David Chiam, Paul Shipp, Andy Bell, Liz Regent, Tineke Morrison, Jonathan Knox, Peter Lee, Tony Fry, Cathy Fry, Peter Sebbage, Paul Kelly, Peter Marthick.



Adrian Clark



Claye Mace welcomed everyone attending the AGM of the Tamar Canoe Club.


Treasurer’s Report:’

The audited 2008/2009 financial reports were read and tabled by Gavin Bye.  Motion to accept report was moved by Peter Marthick and seconded by Claye Mace.


Business Arising:

No business arising from the previous minutes of the AGM.


Nominations for Office Bearers were called and all positions were filled.


Nominations were received and positions filled were as follows:


Commodore: John McCausland nominated by David Chiam, seconded by Claye Mace.  John McCausland voted in as Commodore unopposed.


Vice Commodore: Claye Mace nominated by John McCausland, seconded by David Chiam.  Claye Mace voted in as Vice Commodore unopposed.


2nd Vice Commodore: Jonathan Knox nominated by Peter Sebbage, seconded by Peter Marthick.  Jonathan Knox voted in as 2nd Vice Commodore unopposed.


Secretary: Gavin Bye nominated by Claye Mace, seconded by John McCausland.  Gavin Bye voted in as Secretary unopposed.


Treasurer: Peter Sebbage nominated by John McCausland, seconded by Peter Marthick.  Peter Sebbage voted in as Treasurer unopposed.


Bosun:  Peter Lee nominated by Claye Mace, seconded by Peter Marthick.  Peter Lee voted in as Bosun unopposed.


Public Officer: Adrian Clark nominated by Peter Lee, seconded by Claye Mace.  Adrian Clark voted in as Public Officer unopposed.



Bob Green to remain as the Club’s Auditor.

Membership Fees:

Fees are to remain the same as last year.


Commodore’s Report:

Had a good year at the Cock and Bull although we need somewhere quieter.  Still have the usual push for more beginners and beginner’s trips.  Canoe polo to hopefully start up and continue with pool training and rolling training.


Vice Commodore:

Thanked outgoing members and thanked all the new ones.

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